2004 Union Products Halloween Blow Molds


Take a peek inside the 2004 Union Products blow mold catalog for all the blow molded and plastic Halloween offerings that year!


 Plastic cauldrons or "kettle's", ranging from 8" to 22", with and without fake or actual handles.


22" high Blinking Pumpkin was also available without the light. Two Halloween Scene posts looked pretty cool, and stood 52" tall. Also a 16" lighted pumpkin with cover and Halloween basket with handle, 10"

17" lit candy corn! 30" high goblin with Happy Halloween sign, and also the same blinking goblin without sign. Lastly, blinking Pumpkin line, 5 pumpkins with Happy Halloween written across.

Witches! 36" high witches, lit or blinking. Witch face, a spooky green sneer, 20", and a witch wearing purple, riding a broom with a jack-o-lantern, also 20"

A classy skeleton wearing a cape and top hat. He stands 37" tall. A 41" tombstone with 3 emerging ghosts, lighted and also available in "blinking green". Ghost candle (37") also available in white or blinking green. Last is a ghost floating out of a grinning pumpkin, also blinking green. 21".